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The Balancing Act of a Sales Manager

Written by Forum Corporation and posted by John Duncan on August 5th, 2016.      0 comments

3. Strategist - the sales managers should also handle the difficult task of creating sales strategies for the team, and ensure that these strategies are implemented effectively. They should possess the ability to translate the organisation’s strategy into a sales strategy and should also be able to turn that strategy into clear directions for each salesperson.
Our research demonstrates that the sales manager must perform exceptionally well as a strategist in these five areas:

1.Forming a sales force strategy;
2.Get the sales force on board;
3.Hold effective meetings;
4.Conduct effective training clinics and
5.Promote collaboration within the organisation.

The roles and responsibilities of the sales managers are certainly very challenging. Given the fact that the success of the organisation largely depends on the performance of the sales managers, business organisations should provide the sales managers with all the training and support to ensure that they are able to fulfil the three important roles mentioned above.
You can download the full POV paper on this subject here.

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