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The programme is based on Forum Corporation’s well-research management theory; and is delivered through a series of interactive workshops.  Rather than simply being a facilitator, John Duncan has partnered with our company to ensure that the MDP content aligns with our business needs. He has shown great insight into the culture of our organisation and he has built meaningful relationships with the senior management team and the programme participants. As a result, John has built a good understanding of our business, our people and our culture, ensuring that the programme always delivers on our expectations.”

- Executive Manager HR, Insurance Company

The quality of the Forum researched material, and the facilitators understanding of our business has allowed Forum to support an increase in the skills and capability of our sales people. Forum programmes reflect a high level of participant engagement, using real business challenges throughout the participants learning journey. Forum's coaching support after a programme also contributes significantly to the sustainability of learning.

- Commercial Manager,  Energy Company

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