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Forum New Zealand is the New Zealand and Pacific distributor of Forum Corporation and has had offices here for over 20 years.

Forum is a recognised global leader in linking learning to strategic business objectives. Our learning solutions help organisations effectively execute their business strategies by focusing on their most important asset: their people. We provide clients with practical and research-based advice and tailored programmes that mobilise employees, accelerate business-initiative implementation, and improve agility. Forum’s 40-year global legacy as a pioneer and thought leader continues with the release of its latest book, Strategic Speed (Harvard Business Press). 

We focus on maximising the impact individual and group behaviour has on effectively achieving time-critical business results. 

Forum’s extensive global network of talented and expert facilitators and consultants combine years of content facilitation with practical work experience in company roles similar to the participants with whom they work. Forum has offices and training professionals across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. 

Forum New Zealand works closely with Forum's Australian and Asia offices to support regional initiatives as well as having a strong client base in New Zealand.

Our Specialties include;

  • Develop leaders at all levels,
  • Invigorating your sales-force,
  • Delivering on your customer experience,
  • Accelerating strategy development and execution

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