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7 Leadership Development Trends

Written by Forum Corporation and posted by John Duncan on February 23rd, 2016.      8 comments

7 Leadership Devel Trends POV Cover

If you are considering building leadership capability, I'd recommend your approach considers how you intend to achieve your business strategies through the development and growth of your front-line leaders.  In this blog post I identify the 7 Leadership Development Trends and what you could do (including critical practices) to assist your leaders to effectively deliver consistent growth now...and in the future.  Download a PDF of this Blog Post1 Complexity is the new normal

Thumbs Up Bullet PointAccording to the Economist Intelligence Unit, organisations are launching more major change initiatives than ever before: three to five per year, on average.

Clock Bullet PointThe Corporate Executive Board reports that globally, half of employees expect a major change in six months.

Prohibited Bullet PointIBM Global Chief Executive Study: 79 percent of CEOs say the level of uncertainty and complexity will get even higher and less than half of them reported to be prepared to manage it.

Questionmark Bullet PointForum global survey of 700 leaders: 72 percent report high or extremely high increases in uncertainty in their companies.

Increase Bullet PointForum VOC research:  Twice as many business leaders say "the ability to lead change" is a top business challenge as compared with 2010.
What to do

Here are the critical practices to help leaders navigate through the complexity:
  1. Build your context agility
  2. Exercise judgement in action
  3. Develop professional intelligence
 2 The talent shortage is intensifying


Image copyrightReuters


"Expect a shortage of management talent for some time as economic growth outstrips home-grown talent in emerging markets and mangers in advance countries choose entrepreneurship in increasing numbers." 

"Investment in workforce training will be required to lift skill levels in new markets and to remain competitive in developed ones."

According to the Bain Brief: The Great Eight: Trillion Dollar Trends to 2020" New Zealand is ranked 7th as having difficulty filling jobs which is 13 points above the global average of 34 percent.
Having difficulty filling jobs

  1. Grow your own:  Hire promising talent early and invest in their training and retention.
  2. Look for emerging leaders and, again, invest in them.

Development investments in first-line leaders have tripled
According to Fred Hassan (HR Blog: "The Frontline Advantage") First-line leaders make up 50 - 60% of management on average and directly supervise 80% of the workforce.  They are central players in a company's business strategy.

Annual investments per front-line leader has grown from $533 in 2009 to $1671 in 2014.  3.8x increase. Investment at mid-level and senior level has also gone up, but not as much as front-line (source: Bersin).
What to do

To keep up with competitors, invest at least one-third of your total leadership development budget in your front-line leaders.

The four most important leadership skills
  The ability to lead people effectively "People Leadership Skills" is three to four times more important to a leaders career success than are other skills and knowledge.

Organisations whose leaders use certain people leadership skills to a higher degree tend to perform better in their industries.  Industry-leading organisations report much higher use of key people leadership practices than lower performing organisations.

Our research indicates that the four people leadership skills that are most critical are;
  1. Think like a leader
  2. Coach your team
  3. Get results through others
  4. Engage people
What to do

Ensure all your leaders, and especially front line leaders, are trained in these four critical practices.

Why employee engagement is a growing concern and what you can do about it

An engaged workforce is a huge market advantage:

In organisations with engaged work forces, absenteeism is lower by 37%, turnover is higher by 37%, safety incidents are 49% lower, productivity is 18% higher and profitability is also 16% higher (source: Gallup, "The State of the Global Workplace").

Multiple studies over the few years show that...around 20% of employees are actively disengaged and only around 15% are highly engaged and Forum global study on engagement is validated by this research.

Forum's research has uncovered 25 engagement factors and five core engagement needs.  By knowing and understanding these factors and the core needs, a leader can have a big impact on the team and individual employee levels of engagement.

What to do

Educate your leaders about the critical importance of employee engagement, and how to boost it by appealing to core engagement needs.

Leadership becoming more collective, less individual

Many thinkers today (Clay Shirkey, Andrew Hargadon, Josh Bernoff, Charlene Li) suggest that innovation, change, new directions, and strategies emerge not from individuals, but from the social network.

Forum's engagement research indicates that it's not just about employee engagement anymore.  In today's connected world, leaders need to be concerned with engaging these groups of stakeholders (in addition to employees) and includes: suppliers, non-employee associates, partners, customers, and consumers.

According to the Centre of Creative Leadership, "The story of the last 50 years has been the story of the individual.  It began with discoveries about what makes a good leader and was followed by the development of practices that helped a generation of individuals move closer to that ideal..."

However in the last 15 years this model has become less effective.  The complexity of the new environment increasingly presents what Ronald Heiftz calls 'adaptive challenges' in which it is not possible for any one individual to know the solution or even define the problem.

What to do

Create multi-level leadership development systems:
  1. Ensure consistency between the levels: consistent competencies, concepts, language, and themes;
  2. Give each level a strong role in the programs for the next level down;
  3. Be intentional about bringing together leaders from different business units, functions, and geographies for training and development opportunities.

Boot-camp training is out

Forum survey results of 700 leaders globally showed that 91 percent of respondents said that they have to many projects, activities, and responsibilities.  75 percent reported to have "little or no" capacity to "do more with less."

Multiple studies show that employees around the world are working harder than ever, getting less downtime, and feeling a greater sense of information overload.  And the pace of change and uncertainty (see Trend 1 above) continues to rise.

In order to justify the time and cost of training many L&D organisations have for several years been emphasizing the "nose to the grindstone" approach in learning programs.  But we are now starting to see a backlash.  Learners have no desire to come to a training class in which they are forced to work at a breakneck pace all day, complete difficult assignments in the evening, and at the same time keep up with their regular work.

Learning that is relevant, practical, and challenging is appreciated; boot-camp-style learning is not.

What to do

Give learners a break.  They're tired, and "pedal-to-the-metal" training will only make them more tired.  Design learning that's practical and challenging, but that also includes chances for:
  1. Team bonding and laughter
  2. Quiet time and reflection
  3. Free-wheeling discussions with colleagues
  4. A bit of a surprise and adventure
Download a PDF of this Blog Post

Join me as I venture toward and beyond the edge of "Leadership Paradigms" in 2016.  Sign up here and journey with me through the knowledge and experience that positions today's top leaders towards driving their organisation to its next level of excellence, growth and economic success!  Cheers.

john D


James says ...
Hi John,

In step five you make mention of "25 Engagement Factors" and "Five core engagement needs". I'm sure a number of people would be interested to find out, including myself what are those factors and needs. Do you have any follow up material/content that we could peruse? Cheers.
Dan says ...
Hi James,

I would be interested in obtaining the further material you are referring too. Cheers and hopefully John gets back to you soon.
Briggs says ...
These trends are going to help you a lot and they will be great for review. This is because people know a lot about it and they think that they can do much more than it.
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