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Executive Support


Forum New Zealand offers a range of services to support senior leaders. These include;

(Business Performance Diagnostic)
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Executive Coaching
(Coaching for Executives and Senior Managers)
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Strategic Visioning and Planning Support
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Building Business Acumen
(Zodiak Business Simulation)
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AskYourTeam - Helping leaders access their people’s feedback in a safe non threatening way.

AskYourTeam is an online diagnostic that takes the guesswork out of leadership and ensures that your leaders and their team are always working on the greatest areas of performance impact and then are able to instantaneously and in real time measure progress. 

The system helps leaders access their people’s feedback in a safe non threatening way. It allows people to provide totally truthful feedback on the performance of the organisation and every single team.
Businesses have a lot of data available to them: financial, competitor, customer, employment, health and safety. This data tells you how your business is performing. AskYourTeam tells you why and pinpoints the areas in your business that are contributing to high performance and, most importantly, the areas that are acting as handbrakes.
You will know exactly where in the business to direct your effort – no more guesswork or assumptions. You will make the right improvements, and you’ll make them more efficiently. Issues will no longer take you by surprise, which means greater focus and faster progress.

With AskYourTeam, you will know exactly what levers to pull to make your business more productive, proactive and profitable.
You can visit the AskYourTeam website for more information about this capability.
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Executive Coaching

Forum New Zealand’s approach to executive coaching creates a focused personal link between the strategic goals of the organisation and the people most responsible for executing them. It is a proven method for helping leaders develop and refine skills, actions, and/or competencies that enhance effectiveness in their position and increase the value they and their teams deliver to their organisation.
We believe successful coaching is;
Rooted in a particular business need and often partnered with other training to help leaders take actions that will help achieve the organisation’s business goals and execute its strategies. Typically, this means developing, deploying, and reflecting on critical skills, competencies, and behaviours.

Focused on aligning leaders’ behaviours, values, and personal objectives with those of the organisation.

Providing highly targeted learning and development for busy leaders.
Offering a reliable process, common principles, methods and tools, and measurable results.
Delivering quantifiable or qualifiable results

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Strategic Visioning and Planning Support

When carrying out Strategic Visioning and Planning engagements Forum New Zealand uses The Strategic Visioning™ Model that was developed by David Sibbet of The Grove Consultants in San Francisco, CA. 
The Grove Process takes a look at a groups past, present and future.

It engages the group in combining its best hindsight and foresight into aligned action.

It uses large, graphic templates, or Graphic Guides®, to step the group through the development of traditional strategic analysis, creative visioning work, focused action planning, and organisation-communications design.

The Grove’s Strategic Visioning™ Model illustrates an optimal path through these activities.

You can visit The Grove website for more information about this innovative company.

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Building Business Acumen

Forum New Zealand work with customers to develop business acumen and financial literacy using

Paradigm Learning’s Zodiak® business simulation. 

Today’s Managers are being challenged in unprecedented ways to get business and financial results. Every day the actions and decisions of employees affect the financial performance and bottom-line of our organisation.

It is critical that employees at all levels understand how their team/departmental objective’s and their own jobs fit into the big picture of financial and strategic goals. If this alignment is achieved then the flow on should be higher levels of commitment, motivation and engagement.


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Typically Forum New Zealand runs a one-day workshop that has the following learning objectives;

After completing the programme, participants will be able to:
  • Use relevant financial data and analysis in day-to-day decision makings
  • Demonstrate an enhanced understanding of their organisation’s strategies and financial objectives
  • Ask questions to clarify financial and business objectives when implementing new systems, processes and procedures
  • Align personal and departmental goals with the organisation ‘s financial objectives and strategies
  • Use financial terminology and concepts more confidently in discussions with others

The programme is discovery learning based and typically one day long and run in two parts;

Business Simulation:  Zodiak®: The Game of Business and Finance.
Zodiak is a sophisticated simulation disguised as a board game. Participants take the role of new owners of a struggling company and make critical operating decisions. They run the company for a three year period, handling “chance events” and responding to the business environment they are in. 

In doing so they need to deal terms such as cash-flow, return on equity, working capital, cost of good sold and assets. They also produce their financial statements at years end and analyse results.


Post the simulation participants explore their organisation’s strategies, processes, terminology, profit/margin drivers, cash flow, plant and staff utilisation, competition and more. The objective is to connect their day-to-day actions to the bottom-line, raising financial acumen.


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